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How Are Graphite Electrodes Made?

Apr 24,2019January 10, 2019
Graphite is very common in nature, and graphene is the intensity of the highest substance known to mankind, but scientists could still take several years or even decades, to find a way to graphite into a large high quality graphene "thin film" method, thus they can be used to manufacture all kinds of useful material for mankind.
In addition to being exceptionally strong, graphene has a range of unique properties, according to the scientists. Graphene is also the most conductive material known to date, which gives it great potential in the field of microelectronics. The researchers even see graphene as an alternative to silicon that could be used to make future supercomputers.

Graphite electrode coated with a protective layer of anti-oxidation (graphite electrode antioxidant). It forms a protective layer that can conduct electricity and withstand high temperature oxidation, reduces electrode consumption (19%~50%), prolongs electrode service life (22%~60%), and reduces electrode energy consumption.