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What does the graphite electrode cause?

May 21,2019January 10, 2019
Graphite dust with low purity contains silicon carbide. Silicon carbide is a kind of high hardness abrasive powder. Intrusion into the machine will increase the wear of the sliding surface of the machine. When entering the feed system, the screw and linear guide will wear. Graphite is a good conductive material. The entrance of graphite dust into the data line interface will affect the data transmission. Intrusion into the CNC system will affect its sensitivity and reliability. More serious, it will cause a short circuit in the electrical system to cause a production accident.
Graphite dust also has an effect on human health. Long-term long-term inhalation of graphite dust can cause graphite pneumoconiosis. At room temperature, graphite is stable in almost all chemical media except for strong oxidizing substances and some halogens, and it does not undergo chemical changes when exposed to air. Graphite dust is chemically non-hazardous and easy to clean. It can be removed by washing with soap. However, long-term inhalation of graphite dust can cause graphite pneumoconiosis. Graphite pneumoconiosis refers to a systemic disease mainly caused by lung lesions caused by long-term inhalation of high-concentration graphite to produce dust.
The Chinese government has classified graphite pneumoconiosis as an occupational disease. Taking comprehensive measures to reduce the depth of graphite dust in the air of workplaces to meet the national hygiene standards can basically prevent the occurrence of graphite pneumoconiosis. In China, the maximum allowable concentration of graphite dust (SiO2 "10%" in the working environment air is 6mg/m.