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Electric arc furnace used for graphite electrodes

May 21,2019January 10, 2019
1Electric arc furnaces (or arc furnaces) are high-temperature furnaces that use high-voltage electric currents as their primary heating element. Invented in France in 1907, these furnaces are a crucial part of iron and steel recycling operations. They're featured in "mini-mills" that recycle iron scrap for reuse. Arc furnaces are also used in the production of steel.

2Graphite features a polycrystalline structure and is based on the production technology related to ceramic materials.
3Due to its physical and chemical properties graphite is an excellent electrode material for use in electric arc furnaces. By choosing specific raw materials and technologies, properties can vary and may be adapted to several factors of influence and operating conditions.
4Artificial graphite electrodes are currently a standard in EAF operations. Raw materials are petroleum coke (needle type is preferred) and coal tar pitch. They are mixed and processed at high temperature in several steps.

5Electric arc furnaces are cheaper to build than traditional blast furnaces, which make steel from iron ore and are fuelled by coking coal. But the cost of steelmaking is higher since they use steel scrap and powered by electricity.