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Graphite electrode processing equipment

May 21, 2019
Graphite electrode processing equipment refers to special mechanical equipment used to process graphite electrodes. Includes graphite electrode body and joint processing equipment. The machining of graphite electrodes includes the steps of keyhole, scraping end face, outer circle, and thread milling. Domestic graphite electrode machining can be roughly divided into two types. The first category is the introduction of CNC wire processing automatic lines from the United States, Japan and other countries by leading enterprises such as Ji-Chong and Lan-Chong, which have greatly improved the processing quality of the electrodes and reached the international level. The other type is a domestically-made ordinary lathe that is still commonly used by other enterprises. The labor intensity of the workers is high, the production efficiency is low, the specifications are limited, and the processing precision and surface roughness are difficult to meet the requirements of the steelmaking industry. The competitiveness in the international market is not strong.