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Graphite electrode general processing lathe

May 21, 2019
Special equipment for graphite electrode processing, consisting of ordinary lathes.
(1) Working principle
Three sets of C630 ordinary lathe assembly line are used to realize the graphite electrode processing technology, so that the products meet the technical standards used by users.
3 C630 ordinary lathe division: the first C630 lathe realized the outer ring. The second C630 lathe achieves a flat end face. The third C630 lathe achieves internal threading of the graphite electrode. The tapered graphite electrode driven by the carriage relies on the main unit and a special milling device for taper internal thread machining.
(2) Equipment processing characteristics
The graphite electrode is processed by C630 lathe, which has the advantages of low equipment cost, simple operation, convenient maintenance, high processing yield and easy cutting. The disadvantages are high labor intensity, low processing precision of the system, large vibration during processing, and a large amount of dust generated during the processing, which causes machine wear and harms workers' health.
(3) Equipment composition
It consists of a headboard, a knife box, a trailer box, a bed and its accessories, just like the C630 regular lathe.