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Raw material crushing and ingredients

May 21, 2019
Before the batching, the bulk calcined petroleum coke and needle coke must be crushed, ground, and sieved. The medium crushing is usually carried out by crushing equipment of about 50 mm through a jaw crusher, a hammer crusher, a roll crusher and the like to further crush the 0.5-20 mm size material required for the batching. Milling is a process of grinding a carbonaceous material to a powdery small particle of 0.15 mm or less and a particle size of 0.075 mm or less by means of a suspension-type ring roll mill (Raymond mill), a ball mill, or the like.
Screening is a process in which a wide range of materials after a crushing is divided into several particle size ranges with a narrow range of sizes through a series of sieves with uniform openings. Current electrode production usually requires 4-5 pellets and 1-2 powder grades.
Ingredients are the production processes for calculating, weighing and focusing the various aggregates of aggregates and powders and binders according to the formulation requirements. The scientific suitability of the formulation and the stability of the batching operation are among the most important factors affecting the quality index and performance of the product.
The formula needs to determine 5 aspects:
1 select the type of raw materials; 2 determine the proportion of different types of raw materials; 3 determine the particle size composition of solid raw materials; 4 determine the amount of binder;
5 Determine the type and amount of additives.