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What is Kneading?

May 21, 2019
Kneading: Quantitative carbonaceous granules and powders with a certain amount of binder at a certain temperature
The process of kneading and mixing uniformly and kneading the plastic paste is called kneading.
The process of kneading: dry mixing (20-35 min) wet mixing (40-55 min)
1 When mixing dry, the various raw materials are uniformly mixed, and the solid carbonaceous materials of different particle sizes are uniformly mixed and filled to improve the compactness of the mixture;
2 After adding coal tar pitch, the dry material and the asphalt are uniformly mixed. The liquid asphalt uniformly coats and wets the surface of the granules to form a layer of asphalt bonding layer, and all the materials are bonded to each other to form a homogeneous plastic smear. Conducive to molding;
3 parts of coal tar pitch penetrates into the inner space of the carbonaceous material, further increasing the density and cohesiveness of the paste.
 Molding: The molding of carbon material refers to the external force exerted by the kneaded carbon paste in the molding equipment.
A process in which plastic deformation occurs to finally form a green body (or a green product) having a certain shape, size, density, and strength.