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The purpose and effect of graphitization

May 21, 2019
1 Improve the conductivity and thermal conductivity of the carbon material (reducing the resistivity by 4-5 times and increasing the thermal conductivity by about 10 times); 2 improving the thermal shock resistance and chemical stability of the carbon material (the linear expansion coefficient is reduced by 50-80%); 3 to make the carbon material lubricity and abrasion resistance;
4 Exhaust impurities, improve the purity of the carbon material (the ash content of the product is reduced from 0.5-0.8% to about 0.3%).
 Implementation of the graphitization process:
The graphitization of carbon material is carried out at a high temperature of 2300-3000 °C, so it can only be realized by electric heating in the industry, that is, the current directly passes through the heated calcined product, and the calcined product charged into the furnace is generated by the electric current at a high temperature. The conductor is again an object that is heated to a high temperature.