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Graphite electrode quality index

May 21, 2019
The indicators reflecting the quality and performance of the graphite electrode are mainly: bulk density db, electrical resistivity ρ, flexural strength σ, elastic modulus E, thermal expansion coefficient α and ash A%. According to the difference of these indicators and the difference of raw materials and manufacturing processes, the national standard (YB/T 4088/89/90-2000) divides the graphite electrode into ordinary power graphite electrode (RP) and high power graphite electrode (HP). There are three types of ultra high power graphite electrodes (UHP). The post-graphite electrode production plant has increased high-density graphite electrodes (HD) and quasi-ultra-high graphite electrodes (SHP) according to user needs.
On the basis of national standards, each company has its own corporate standards, and customers will also put forward their own quality standards when ordering.