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Advantages Of Graphite Electrode Over Copper Electrode

Apr 24, 2019

The advantages of graphite electrode are easy machining, high metal removal rate when EDM (electric spark), and small graphite loss. As a result, more and more die factories are abandoning copper electrodes for graphite ones. So what are the advantages of graphite?
1. Graphite is 1/5 the weight of copper, and the same volume of graphite is five times lighter than copper. The large electrode made of copper is too heavy, which is very disadvantageous to the accuracy of EDM machine tool spindle in long-term electric spark. Graphite is not, and very safe to transport.
2. Graphite can have a very high processing speed, the general graphite processing speed than the ordinary metal 3-5 times. And choose the right hardness of the tool and graphite, can reduce tool wear and electrode loss.
3. Graphite is easy to form and does not deform. Some shaped electrodes are not easily made of copper but can be easily made of graphite. For example, thin film electrode, copper is easy to deform during machining and EDM, while graphite is easy to achieve, and graphite can be used in EDM with a large current and processing speed, do not worry about the workpiece will be damaged due to high temperature deformation.
4. Graphite dressing and polishing, in general, graphite after the completion of processing does not need to be polished. This also reduces the precision error of electrode after molding and shortens the production cycle.