Customized Graphite Electrodes From Factory

Our graphite electrodes have been progressing through the improvements in the technology and the production equipment.The production is being carried out with the strict quality control and the products will meet the exacting industrial requ
Model Number: Graphite Electrode
Certification: ISO9001:2015
Minimum Order Quantity: 3 tons


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Graphite electrodes represent only a small share of input costs for steel producers. However, they are an essential input material with no available substitute.For Steel-making via the EAF route, there is no substitute for Graphite Electrodes. Global manufacturers, who have high dependence on Electrode imports from China, need to prepare themselves for further supply tightness of Graphite Electrodes as China rapidly increases its EAF capacity and implements reforms aimed at culling polluting capacities.
In this environment, the production level of graphite electrodes in China has been greatly improved. Both in terms of quality and price, our graphite electrodes have a strong advantage.
Our products are customizable. For example, different types of graphite electrodes, different required graphite electrodes, and different sizes of graphite electrodes are welcome to purchase our high quality and low price graphite electrodes.
Remember, we are graphite electrode manufacturers and trusted providers.

In our factory Graphite Electrodes manufactured to individual customer requirements.

Production Process

Packing &Shipping

Packing with wooden case and palletand enlace with baling band.
Standard export wooden case and pallet.
Customized shipping mark.
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