Impregnated Graphite Electrodes

Impregnated graphite electrode is a graphite electrode with allowable current density between 18-25A/cm2. The basic characteristics required of graphite electrodes for use in arc furnaces are: good electrical conductivity high resistance to thermal
Model Number: Graphite Electrode
Certification: ISO9001:2015
Minimum Order Quantity: 3 tons


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As the pulse width increases, the more the metal material is etched, the deeper and wider the etch pit is, the higher the processing speed is, and the surface roughness of the workpiece is larger. Therefore, when roughing, the pulse width can be selected to be larger, the electrode loss is reduced, and the processing speed is increased. Different graphite electrode brand pulse widths have different effects on electrode loss. The smaller the graphite particles, the smaller the electrode loss under the same pulse width.

They are widely used in ultra high power refining furnace and high power electric arc furnace for smelting steel. The manufacturing cost is sharply lower than UHP electrodes, and at the same time cost of steel making is reduced.Graphite electrode SHP has the characteristics of using high quality petroleum coke and other materials, advanced manufacturing technology and complete properties in using.
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Impregnated graphite electrode physical and chemical indicators

Current load and density

Packing &Shipping

Packing:Standard seaworthy packing or as customers' requirement. All wooden pallets are with fumigation for SHP graphite electrode with high mechanical strength.

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